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CIA analyst Jack Ryan must stop the plans of a Neo Nazis faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia's newly elected president by detonating a nuclear

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original title: The Sum of All Fears

genge: Action,Drama,Thriller,War


imdb: 6.9

duration: 2h 4min

tags: 27,000 Nuclear Weapons. One Is Missing.

budget: $68,000,000

keywords: cia, russia, analyst, nuclearbomb, nuclearweapons, scientist, nazi, nuclearwar, nuclearthreat, explosion, pistol, kissingwhilehavingsex, combat, profanity, fistfight, weaponofmassdestruction, playingf





















































When the Russian President suddenly dies of a heart attack, the new Russian President is sworn in quickly. American intelligence belives him to be a hard-liner, but young CIA analyst Jack Ryan doesn't think so. While Ryan & his boss, Bill Cabot, are inspecting disarmament at Russian nuclear sites, 3 Russian scientists have mysteriously disappeared. Although the Russians have explanations for their absence, none of them are true. In Austria, a strange man - a neo-fascist - has developed a frightening plan to incite a war between Russia & the U.S., using an unexploded bomb from the deserts of the Middle East. When the 3 Russian scientists are later found dead, Ryan tries to trace their path. By this time, the bomb is on its way to the U.S.A - in a cigarette machine! The bomb is placed in a football stadium where the U.S. President is in attendance. Ryan soon discovers the bomb is in Baltimore and alerts Bill Cabot, who gets the President out of the stadium quickly. Minutes later, the low-yield nuclear bomb explodes, killing several thousands! From Air Force One, the President transmits messages to the Russian President, who denies that the Russians have placed the bomb on U.S. soil. But rogue members of the Russian Air Force are in on the sinister plan, and when an aircraft carrier is attacked and crippled by Russian planes, things quickly go from bad to worse. It is up to Ryan to find out where the bomb came from and get that information to the President before SNAPCOUNT - the order to launch ICBMs at Russia - is completed. When a terrorist faction plans to turn American against Russia by placing a nuclear weapon in a Baltimore, DCI William Cabot calls in CIA analyst Jack Ryan to figure out the plans behind this faction and prevent a total catastrophe occurs. I thought that "The sum of all fears" was going to be a movie hard to follow, like I felt with the Harrison Ford's previous films, but it was not. It's about politics all right; it reminded me a lot of Roger Donaldson's "Thirteen days": USA and Russia at the brink of World War III. The difference is that "Thirteen days" is real history.

This movie is about a rookie Jack Ryan who unexpectedly finds himself climbing steps in the CIA in the middle of a potential nuclear war between USA and Russia.

Personally, I still don't see why they cast Ben Affleck as the hero type of character. He didn't make it in Pearl Harbor and the doesn't make it in this one. He's better off in supporting roles as in "Good Will Hunting".

As I expected, Morgan Freeman steals every frame of the movie. His performances get better every time. Let's hope the Academy reward him with an Oscar one of these years.

"The sum of all fears" is a good and entertaining movie. It's worth the while. This was a decent movie. Whit something that could happen now a days, only i think it would be going a bit different. :-) Very good acting, and cool storyline. I enjoyd this one very much. Movie has been upstaged by the sum of our fears. The staunch heroics, frantic presidential huddles, and hairbreadth rescues all seem tinny and escapist, too Cold Warrior–ish, for what's really going on now. The President of Russia has just died of a heart attack, and a new President